The top 3 empowering cosmetic treatments for 2019

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It’s been an exciting time to be a woman. Our collective voice is growing louder, our sisterhood stronger and be damned anyone who gets in our way – we know what we want and we’ll get it.

This confidence and decisiveness is being reflected in the cosmetic industry as women are choosing more subtle treatments and lifestyle changes that harness their authentic beauty – and here, at Dr. Anna Medical Aesthetics, we support anything that empowers women.

Here are our top three cosmetic treatments for 2019 – designed to make women shine:


According to Allure, “2019 will be the year of the tweak-ment, small corrections to the face and body while remaining true to your natural facial and physical characteristics.” Statistics show that women are done with overstuffed lips and water wing boobs. We are also learning that we can be sexy at any age (actually 50 is the new 40), and aging should be celebrated, not hidden. Dr. Anna’s most popular treatments include mini laser for the face, chest and neck, mid face and mini lip fillers, and muscle relaxant injectables that smooth out lines but allow for some facial expression.

Preventative treatments

Prevention has always been the best medicine and this is especially true in the cosmetic industry. For patients under 30 Dr. Anna usually recommends nontoxic skincare, a balanced diet (limiting alcohol and quitting smoking) and regular exercise. And of course – sunscreen! Dr. Anna also offers Nutrigenomix and comprehensive nutritional counselling sessions.

Body contouring

Think of body contouring as the tweakment of your jawline, thighs, stomach and arms. Body contouring works best for people who maintain a good diet and exercise regime – and just need a little help with a particular area. Body contouring can be done with injectables and/or TruSculpt and is growing in popularity because of little downtime – so you can keep your busy, fabulous self moving!

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