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Are PFAS (Forever Chemicals) in my makeup?


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A new Canadian study concluded there are ingredients in cosmetic products that may cause major harm to health and the environment. These are called PFAS.

What are PFAS’s?

PFAS’s are also known as “forever chemicals”, which are a group of over 4700 synthetic chemicals that persist in our bodies and the environment. PFSA is short for polyfluoroalkyl and includes chemicals knowns as PFOS, GenX, and PFOA. Those who wear lipstick, foundation and/or mascara may be absorbing or ingesting (lipstick) substances which accumulate for decades in the environment; and better yet, they are rarely disclosed on labels!

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What health concerns are linked to PFAS’s?

The potential adverse health impacts associated with PFAS’s include hormone suppression, cancer, thyroid disease, liver damage, and obesity and decreased fertility. A 2007 study (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007) concluded PFAS chemicals were detected in the blood of 98% of the US population. These chemicals often settle into the blood, kidney and liver.


What kind of products have PFAS’s in them?

These are most found in products marketed as being wear-resistant, water-resistant, or long-lasting cosmetic products. Miriam Diamond, a professor in the department of Earth Sciences at University of Toronto, and her colleagues, studied 231 cosmetic products and found the highest concentration of PFA’s in long-lasting and waterproof foundations, mascaras, and lip products. This study raises the concern that many are inadvertently using harmful chemicals to their faces. These chemicals not only accumulate in the body, but also are found in our drinking water.

What can we do about this?

Avoid products that have “waterproof and water-resistant, long-wear etc.” written on them. Try and find products that advertise very simple ingredients, and preferably cosmetics with the least amount of ingredients. At this point it is up to beauty manufacturers and retailers to suspend the use and sale of products containing PFAS’s, and for all of us consumers to be educated on these hidden toxins we are being exposed to every day.

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Need products that you can trust?

Our mission is to offer a line of medical grade cosmetic products that are 100% safe, free of toxins and effective for any age and skin condition. All of our products are made in Canada and have been dermatologically tested.

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