Are Smooth Threads the New Botox?

You may have heard of “barbed” PDO Threads, and also about Lunchtime Lifts, but did you know there are also “smooth” sugar threads.

These are also referred to as Mono Threads and they are smooth or coiled with no barbs. This procedure works by pulling the skin, skin tightening and new collagen induction around the threads. The mono/smooth threads tighten, while the thicker barbed sutures lift.

These are absorbable surgical Polydioxanone (PDO) suture is used to perform cardiothoracic surgery and is one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body. They are made of protein  that is thinner than a strand of hair.  Your skin absorbs the thread within 4-6 months, and it will not leave you with any scar tissue.  What’s extra special about this material is that there are no cuts or incisions, they are inserted using a small threading needle.

How do they work?

How these threads work is they are inserted beneath the skin and causes a mild injury beneath the skin.  To combat that, the body responds by adding structural proteins such as collagen, fibrin, and elastin that create a rejuvenated appearance that helps to smooth lines and can add volume. 

Popular areas to treat include the crow’s feet, the area around the lips/mouth, and in the forehead.  People have started using these threads instead of Botox and also as an alternative to filler, due to studies showing that filler can migrate and stay in the body for many years. 

Smooth Threads

How to get a treatment of these smooth threads here at Dr. Anna’s Clinic? 

The first step would be to book in with Celeste for a Complimentary Virtual Consultation using either Zoom or Facetime.  The clinic calls you and any prior questions, worries, expectations etc. are discussed with Dr. Anna, and if smooth threads are what is wanted, then we book you in!

The treatment itself takes only about 10 minutes and there is minimal to no pain. 

This is a great treatment for those who may be pregnant or breastfeeding and are looking for an alternative to neurotoxins (all contain human albumin). 

Dangers of Long-Term Lip Filler

If you’d like to see if Smooth Threads are right for you, Dr. Anna recommends you come and see her for a complimentary assessment.

Discuss your options during a 30-minute complimentary consultation with Dr. Anna. Book online or call 250 590 0883.

To schedule a complimentary consultation or to book a treatment:

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