Patient Diary:

Finally! Customized medical-grade skincare by Universkin and Dr. Anna

Patient Diary is a series of transformation stories written by Dr. Anna’s patients – they’re raw, personal, and always empowering.

Over the years, I’ve tried everything to fix my skin. I’ve spent thousands on products, aestheticians, and even one dubious “skincare regime” from a late-night TV advertisement that gave me more spots!

After some research, I discovered an ugly truth: one in eight personal care products are considered industrial chemicals. These chemicals include carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors—no, thank you! In addition to their toxicity, very few skincare products are effective and actually do what they claim.

I’ve been visiting Dr. Anna for over a year, and I’ve learned three main things about skincare:

  • Internal health is the quickest (and best) route to good skin
  • Every woman is unique, and therefore requires a customized skincare regime
  • Less (product) is more.

Every day I use Dr. Anna’s Face Wash and Anti-Aging Cream. For emergency spots, I’ve now added a Universkin formula to my regime—mixed by Dr. Anna specifically for my skin. Universkin allows doctors to prescribe and treat problem skin on the spot. After answering a few questions on my lifestyle and skin concerns, Dr. Anna carefully selected Retinol A and Aloe Vera from a wide range of active ingredients, and infused them together. She labelled the package clearly and noted—this was a customized mix for my skin only. Now, I rely on this ‘rescue’ formula for breakouts!

Interested? Here are three steps to achieving your best skin yet:

  • Visit Dr. Anna for a free skin assessment and to fill out a Universkin questionnaire.
  • If you decide to proceed, Dr. Anna formulates your customized product on the spot.
  • One serum will last between six and eight weeks if used every day. Emergency formulas will last longer. To keep the product fresh, the expiry is dated six months after opening.

After so much time looking for the best products, wasting money and harming my skin in the process, I’m relieved to have found Dr. Anna’s skincare and Universkin—finally, skincare that’s as unique as me.

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