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Is it possible to “Un-Do” Filler?

Dr. Anna originally started her practice with clients coming in to see her for filler complications, and her practice has grown rapidly since then!  

There is always room for error when under-experienced injectors are doing procedures, and so it is crucial to choose experienced cosmetic doctors.  Is it possible to “un-do” filler? The answer is YES. The prescription product that can reverse and dissolve filler is called hyaluronidase and it is an enzyme.

Both hyaluronic acid and hyaluronidase occur naturally in the body – hyaluronic acid is broken down in the body by the soluble enzyme hyaluronidase with up to one third of the body’s HA getting turned over every day.  How this works is that it breaks the bonds that hold the hyaluronic acid molecules together; the body then reabsorbs the molecules. 

What can hyaluronidase help/fix?

  • Infection of the treatment area
  • Excessive swelling of the treatment area
  • A lumpy texture that is not solved with massage
  • Overfilled appearance
  • Product Migration
  • Incorrectly placed filler
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Will Hyaluronidase work against Radiesse, Sculptra, or silicone?

No.  The only fillers that are solved with the use of Hyaluronidase are fillers which are made from hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvéderm etc.)


Are there any side effects of hyaluronidase?

Studies have shown that the incidence of allergic reactions is reported to be 0.05% to 0.69% (Jung, 2020) especially if you have a bee allergy.  The average person has no known side effects other than some redness and tenderness.  There may be bruising and some light discomfort.

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How long does Hyaluronidase take to work?

Once the injection takes place, the dermal filler in that area softens and starts to break down immediately.  There will be a reduced appearance of filler even more at around the 48-hour mark post injection.  If there are large nodules, or widespread areas of filler, it may require multiple sessions.


Most Common Areas we Treat:

  • Since undereye filler can last up to four years on MRI scanning, it can cause recurrent problems with peri-orbital edema.  This is easily resolved with hyaluronidase.
  • Overfilled lips (the duck lip) from too frequent injections and filler migration to above the vermillion border.  This is easily resolved with hyaluronidase.
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