I’ll have what she’s having: Is it time for an Orgasm Shot®?

Let’s talk about sex.

It’s no secret that regular, healthy sexual activity releases endorphins, reduces stress and anxiety, and aids in sleep. However, there can be a huge roadblock—libido.

While a lack of interest in sex can affect women at any age, studies show loss of libido peaks in midlife women (ages 45 to 64). There’s a number of reasons for this, and many you’ve heard (or said) before: I’m too tired/stressed/hormonal/busy to get down and dirty.

Medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure can impact libido, as do some medications like antidepressants.

It’s a cruel conundrum…

The one thing that may get you out of a rut (sex!) is the thing you least feel like doing. But thankfully, there’s a solution: the O-Shot®, also known as the Orgasm shot.

The O-Shot®is a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) non-surgical treatment where Dr. Anna takes blood from a patient and places it into a centrifuge (a medical-grade spinning machine) which retrieves the platelets in the blood.

Then, Dr. Anna injects the platelets into the patient’s clitoris, pumping the vaginal tissue full of regenerative blood cells. But don’t worry—numbing cream and a local anesthetic are available!

Patients report that this procedure results in…

an increased sex drive, reduce dryness, easier arousal, “toe-curling” orgasms, and less vaginal pain during intercourse. Patients also report that the O-Shot® is painless, requires zero downtime and the results are immediate.

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