Is the Retinoid revolution over?
Some doctors think so.

Retinoid, a class of chemical compounds derived from Vitamin A, has certainly made its mark on the beauty industry.

Until recently, you couldn’t buy most Retinoid-based products over the counter, and it was touted as all an-powerful super skin saver. But this may not be true. Dr. Mervyn Patterson, a cosmetic doctor at Woodford Medical, is leading the charge against the pro-Retinoid revolution, questioning its efficacy and whether it’s being overused. Armed with research, Dr. Anna advises her patients that if they decide to use Retinoid-based products, here are a few things they should know:

The results from Retinoids use are not instant

All Retinoids can help smooth the skin although it’s a slow process: it takes about one or two months to see an improvement. Slow-reacting products may encourage people to use more—don’t!


Overusing Retinoids can be dangerous

Patterson claims that the cosmetic industry’s primary concern is selling products—even if it means over-prescribing or encouraging overuse. Retinoids break down the skin’s barrier by performing a chemical exfoliation, and if this is done too frequently, the skin is left vulnerable to infection and environmental toxins.

Retinoids are not for everyone.

Retinoids can cause reactions, skin irritability, blotchiness, and inflammation —especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. Conversely, Retinoids can be very effective for some people.


Use Retinoids at night

Retinoids make your skin very sensitive to the sun. Choose products that are developed for night time use (and completely avoid those for the daytime!). Use Dr. Anna’s sunscreen daily to protect your skin.

Start low and go slow

There’s a range of potencies in Retinoid-based products—the highest of which requires a prescription. Start with a small dose and monitor your skin’s reaction closely.


There’s no ‘wonder drug’ for skin

Unfortunately, good skin is the combination of nutritional balance, regular exercise, toxin-free skincare, and in some cases, subtle cosmetic treatments performed by an esteemed physician. There is not one product or ingredient that will magically ‘fix’ your skin. Do your research and ask questions.

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