Patient Diary:

Susan’s Story About Hair Restoration

Patient Diary is a series of transformation stories written by Dr. Anna’s patients – they’re raw, personal, and always empowering.

Susan was suffering from a chronic inflammatory skin condition for ten years. It left her scalp lumpy and bumpy and she was starting to get bald patches. She turned to Dr Anna for help.

During Susan’s consultation, Dr Anna suggested PRP as a solution. Which left Susan saying “I started noticing dramatic changes after the third treatment!”

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What is Lichen Planopilaris?

This is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which affects skin and mucosal surfaces.  Lichen planus is characterized by an itchy, non-infectious rash on the arms, fingers, mouth, scalp, and legs and consists of small, many-sided, pink or purple bumps.  This condition affects adults over the age of 40 and affects about one in one hundred people and is more commonly found in women.   The cause of lichen planus is a T cell-mediated auto-immune disorder in which inflammatory cells attack an unknown protein within the skin. 

Lichen Planus & Hair Regrowth Due to PRP sore scalp

What brought you to Dr Anna?

Susan: I was introduced to Dr. Anna through my dermatologist that I was seeing.  He had been giving me corticosteroid shots in my scalp but knew it wasn’t a long-term solution.  It was starting to make my scalp lumpy and bumpy and I was starting to get bald patches, so he mentioned PRP as a potential solution.  The shot had helped with the original redness and discomfort, but it was starting to not be a permanent option.


What were your thoughts about Dr. Anna’s clinic?

Susan: Everything was lovely! I started noticing dramatic changes after the third treatment.  Everyone was friendly and great, and I tell people, if you have to get injection, this is the place to come!  I was very comfortable and offered numbing cream.  Even having the blood taken from my arm was not uncomfortable at all.


How have those around you reacted?

Susan: Everyone including my husband has really noticed.

Lichen Planus & Hair Regrowth Due to PRP before and after

How has this treatment with Dr. Anna affected your confidence?

Susan: This has hugely affected my confidence.  I was looking into wigs because the dermatologist had tried everything and had told me that he wasn’t going to use any more steroids in my scalp. I couldn’t really imagine wearing a wig to the gym, all my hair loss had really affected my life.


What was the down time like?

Susan: There was really no down time.  I would go home after the treatment, wash my hair, and there really was no down time.  The whole experience was really quite easy and great.

Lichen Planus & Hair Regrowth Due to PRP injection

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