Patient Diary:

PDO Threads for Lips. Read about Sarah’s experience.

Patient Diary is a series of transformation stories written by Dr. Anna’s patients – they’re raw, personal, and always empowering.

After visiting another clinic, Sarah (pseudonym) was left with bumpy, droopy and uneven lips. Feeling disheartening, she turned to Dr Anna for help.

During Sarah’s consultation, Dr Anna suggested smooth PDO threads as a solution instead of additional filler for her lips. Which left Sarah saying “Dr. Anna has given me new found confidence in my lips”.

Read more to hear about Sarah’s experience…

What can be done for lips that are left lumpy and bumpy?

Hyaluronidase is a naturally occurring enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid.   Hyaluronidases can dissolve nodules or overfilled areas.


How do PDO threads work?

PDO threads create a selective inflammatory response, and stimulate a healing response which generates new collagen.

PDO threads for a lunchtime facelift

What brought you to Dr Anna?

Sarah: I had gone to another practitioner a few times because I was not totally confident about the thinness of my lips and was hoping for some extra volume.  I was happy the first time I went, but over time my lips were left very uneven.  I had heard that recurrent filler could cause bumps and migration, so I started to look for different options.


Had you heard of smooth PDO threads for lips?

Sarah: I had heard of PDO threads, and thought they were only for lifting and were invasive and painful.  They scared me!  Dr. Anna explained that smooth threads were another solution for my lips other than filler. She recommended hyaluronidase to dissolve the lumpy filler in my lips and then to get smooth threads following that for extra volume. 

How would you describe the process?

Sarah: I had a friend recommend me to Dr. Anna after she had used her products and had a couple treatments and loved them, so I felt confident coming here. We started with a virtual consultation through video chat and cost, expectations and treatment were all discussed.  I felt comfortable and safe talking to Dr. Anna and could tell that she cared about me and my overall health, internally and externally.  I was booked in for two treatments; first, the hyaluronidase to remove the bumpy filler and the second was for the smooth PDO threads.  The first treatment was just a small poke and Dr. Anna was very gentle and informative.  This injection of the hyaluronidase removed the lumps and mumps.  For my second appointment, I went in for smooth threads and had numbing and no discomfort.

Dr Anna in a virtual consultation

Would you recommend PDO threads in the lips?

Sarah: I really liked the result from the PDO threads.  It was explained to me that they stimulate collagen and help to outline the vermillion border.  They made my lips plump and smooth. Dr. Anna has given me new found confidence in my lips and introduced me to healthy skincare (and the best vegan chapstick) that makes my skin feel healthy and have a fresh glow!

dr anna niacinamide anti aging cream product shot

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