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Why we stopped offering PRP for Hair Restoration?

Hair loss can affect your scalp or your entire body (alopecia totalis). It can be temporary, or permanent. Herditary (male pattern balding), hormonal changes, medical conditions (lichen planus, psoriasis, chemotherapy treatment) or a normal part of aging. Hair loss can be very sudden and distressing.

Risk Factors:

1) Hereditary
2) Age
3) Weight loss
4) Medical conditions like autoimmune illness
5) Prescribed medications like Imuran, Prednisone etc
6) Stress induced
7) Nutrition (lack of B vitamins, iron, protein)

The gold standard treatment is 5% Minoxidil (not the 2% formula)’s-rogaine-with-5-%25-minoxidil-foam—6-x-60g.product.100513970.html?langId=-24. Don’t waste money on 2% minoxidil or the “women’s formula” as the latter is the same product just more pricey.

Minoxidil works in several ways. First, it moves your hairs into a phase of active growth, also referred to as the “anagen” phase of the hair growth cycle. Second, it may increase blood flow to your scalp, providing your hair follicles with more of the nutrients they need for consistent growth. 

Platelet Rich Plasma is not a cure for the underlying conditions leading to hair loss. Clinics that offer PRP will recommend 4-6 sessions and then a “touch up” 1-2 X a year.

1) Results are not permanent
2) Expensive and painful
3) Exposure to blood products and needlstick injuries
4) Many autoimmune illnesses are cyclical so the hair may respond and then fall out (eg. lichen planus)

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