Simplify your Skincare Routine

What three steps are optional?

If there’s one topic that Dr. Anna knows best, it’s skincare and the overwhelm people feel about getting it right. Her goal is to help you simplify your skincare routine.

Every day she receives questions from her clients who feel confused by the options and advice available in the market place. So if you’re looking to understand how to simplify your skincare routine, below are the steps that Dr. Anna feels should be considered optional.


Toners were originally recommended for acne-prone skin types.  New data shows that the alcohol that are in many toners may be more aggravating for the skin, especially acne-prone skin types.  The idea behind toner is that it clears up the residue and all traces of dirt and makeup if your cleanser doesn’t.  The problem with this, is that your cleanser should not be leaving behind any dirt or residue, and if it does – it may be time to invest in a new facial cleanser (Insert Dr. Anna Facial Cleanser). Another myth about toner is that it helps to rebalance the pH of the skin.  The truth is your own skin can restore its natural pH on its own within 20 minutes of washing with cleanser.  Does toner shrink pores? Sadly, toners do not have the ability to do this.  Pores are genetically determined, and toner will not close pores. 

Does Dr. Anna have a toner as part of her skincare line?
Yes, the toner from the Dr. Anna skincare line is made of hamamelis and contains no alcohol.  Hamamelis (witch hazel) can be used as a treatment for burns, it is anti-inflammatory, it reduces skin irritation, it is high in antioxidants which can help protect against skin damage.

Eye Cream:

The truth behind eye creams is that they are made from the same ingredients as most face creams.  Dr. Whitney Bowe, who has been on Good Morning America has been quoted as saying “Many clean eye creams contain essential oils, and the skin around our eyelids is very sensitive to some of the allergenic ingredients found in these blends.” Some brands advertise thick creams to help with the thin and dry under-eye area, but in many cases heavy moisturizers may clog the pores under the eye and lead to milia and/tiny pimples.  Eye creams advertise the ability to reduce dark circles under the eye; however, these dark circles are often genetic and only fillers may reduce them.

Does Dr. Anna have an eye cream as part of her skincare line?
No. Dr. Anna recommends using her anti-aging moisturizing cream for the whole face including under the eye and encourages her patients to not waste their money on expensive eye creams.

Abrasive Scrubs

The reason many of these harsh scrubs are doing more harm than good is because exfoliating removes the outer layer of skin and strips the skin’s barrier and protection from the outside environment away. Many scrubs use ingredients such as nut shells which cause micro-tears in the skin.  Never use a scrub more than once a week.  When it comes to irritation, scrubs can often cause red spots, blemishes and rashes.  The hard scrubbing motion can often remove too much skin.  Never buy any scrub with exfoliation beads, as these are not biodegradable, and they always end up in our water supply and can cause digestive issues and death of animals.

Does Dr. Anna have a face scrub?
Yes. There is a Dr. Anna face scrub for those who want something gentle, refillable, environmentally friendly, and toxin free to use once every couple of weeks.  The exfoliating materials that are added to the Dr. Anna Face Scrub are jojoba beads which are made out of spheres of solid wax made by hardening Jojoba oil.  Jojoba also imitates the structure and consistency of sebum which works to lubricate and waterproof skin and hair.  

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