Tackling perimenopause:
Topical testosterone to boost the pussy’s meow!

What’s eight inches long, hard, and relieves the symptoms of perimenopause?

A tube of testosterone cream! If you thought otherwise, there’s a chance you could be going through a sex drought—a common symptom of perimenopause.

Perimenopause, for the uninitiated, is the sexual purgatory before your period finally ends and menopause begins. For most, it happens around age 50, and it’s not pretty. You get your periods and then you don’t. Your hoo-ha gets dry. You’ve got a mental fog that can be mistaken for depression. You want sex and you don’t want sex. When you finally have sex, it can be painful and disappointing. Back to square one.

It’s not difficult to imagine why there are so many products that claim to help the sex drive of the perimenopausal woman, but, in fact, very few are effective. Except one.

Low-dose testosterone cream is clinically-proven to increase libido, boost energy, and stimulate blood flow that produces hot, hot sex. As women’s natural testosterone levels fluctuate over time and drop dramatically during perimenopause, testosterone cream may be the boost you need.

Additionally, testosterone cream can bolster metabolism rates, increase muscle mass, and improve overall mood. Um, where do I sign? And how do I do this?

Testosterone or DHEA cream is applied directly to the skin around the genital area, on the labia majora and surrounding areas (please don’t insert this cream). For the best results, this white, odorless cream should be applied every day for a week, in the same area, at the same time.

Not every woman will respond the same to testosterone treatment but some do. Toe-curlingly well. Please note that this a relatively new treatment in North America. This cream can be prescribed by a doctor for off-label use.

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