The Power of Habits

Adopting the right “habits” can have a life changing impact on success, health and happiness.

Bad habits can be your biggest obstacles. What is the science behind how we can create better habits and shed the wrong ones?

Did you know that coffee, cigarettes, pornography, Netflicks, gaming, alcohol,  and snacking often start out as “habits”. For some they lead to unhealthy “addictions”.

The right daily rituals can improve our health, ease our minds and give our loved ones a sense of belonging.

Barak Obama organized every aspect of his day as a president so that routine decisions took up little of his cognitive energy allowing him to focus on high stakes decisions. “You will see I only wear grey or blue suits” Obama told Vanity Fair in 2012.

Small changes lead to big results. Lead by example with your children. Give it time and be patient.


OCD is inextricably linked to anxiety, in fact so many of us have completely irrational or excessive fears that may be out of our control.

Modern life with it’s fast paced processed foods, Chardonnay nightcaps, and online 24/7 are messing with our brains and moods in very powerful ways.

And bad habits never disappear miraculously you have to make an effort to undo and rewire the brain.

Feel free to talk to us and we will do our best to direct you to the appropriate experts, apps, or give you some tools to help yourself.


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