The Truth About Skincare

Dr. Anna provides a level of transparency that has been neglected by cosmetic brands in the past.

New media from Netflix like David Attenborough’s “A Life on Our Planet,” reiterates how important it is for all of us to do our part to create less waste.  Although this documentary highlights the devastation that humans have done to the planet, especially the reduction in biodiversity, it also reminds us that with increased awareness, education, change in behavior, and increased effort to learn from our past mistakes, that there is hope. 

The Dr. Anna brand aims to provide a level of transparency that has been neglected by cosmetic brands in the past.  Any educated and honest dermatologist would tell their clients that there is no need for about 99% of skincare.  For example, when looking at the under-eye skin, there is no serum that is going to “re-grow” or “strengthen” this area (the thinnest area of skin on one’s face) any better than staying hydrated, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol, and getting a good night’s sleep would do.  Wash your face at night, and moisturize using a vitamin-based and simple hydrating moisturizing cream.

The truth about skincare

In the past, our beauty and personal care items did not come in plastic containers.  Many substances came in glass jars, soaps came in bar form, shampoos and hair products came in powder forms and were often packaged in tins and jars.  In the 1920’s, during the war, a new personal care industry appeared after a major multinational personal care company called “Lever” (now called Unilever) made a campaign illustrating how body odour could ruin one’s reputation and social life.  This combined with  the rise in popularity of Hollywood movies, caused the market for face creams, cosmetics, and serums  to explode.  A quote by the National Geographic article The beauty industry generates a lot of plastic waste.  Can it change?, (Borunda, 2019) portrays how in 1919, the beauty industry in America was a mere $60 million industry, in 1938 it was approximately $400 million industry, and by 1970 it was already in the billions.  With this boom in cosmetics, there was a huge boom in plastics and packaging as well. 

The truth about skincare

The vision of our local brand is to manufacture fully recyclable, sustainable, refillable, toxin-free, and vegan skincare.  The skincare will be hypoallergenic, scent free, easy to use, and made for the whole family.  We use glass or aluminum packaging and encourage our patients to come to the office 9-10am or 4-5pm to refill those containers when they are empty to reduce any plastic materials heading to the landfill.  For those that bring their own containers for refilling, there is up to a 50% discount.

These products will always be locally made, refillable, sustainable, vegan, toxin-free, MD made, and hypoallergenic.  Just call ahead, and bring either our aluminum and glass containers, or any size personal care container to refill here at the clinic. Choose from our Face Cleanser, Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner, Toner, Anti-Aging/Moisturizing Cream, Vitamin C Serum, Hand Cream, and Face Scrub

The truth abou skincare

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