The Truth about the Vampire Facial

Many of our patients here at the clinic often ask us about the Vampire Facial, as a way to achieve lessening of fine lines and wrinkles, and to create a lifting of the skin.  We want to educate that a treatment like this is not going to achieve these results – we don’t offer this treatment as it is not an evidence-based treatment. 

Here’s the truth about the Vampire Facial…

This procedure cannot be likened to a facelift, even though it has been called the “Vampire Facelift”.  At Dr. Anna’s clinic, we call it the Vampire Facial.

In this study done by Dr. Timothy Caulfield, Implicit hype? Representations of platelet rich plasma in the news media, (Aug, 2017) states, “there is little evidence from clinical trials to support this widespread use”.

This does not mean that PRP is ineffective, it merely means that there have not been enough studies done to show long-lasting effects.

The Truth about the Vampire Facial

There is no moment during this treatment that the red blood cells that have been removed through centrifuge is smeared over the face.  All the selfies and photos you may have seen with the red smeared look have been posed up for social media.  An online review from the UK said that she absolutely loved the treatment and her skin glowed and healed quicker than ever before.  The downside she says “three months later, my skin is entirely back to its normal self.  I can see the lines around my mouth, I’ve got dark circles, and my skin is often blotchy.”  For more permanent results we recommend a mini-fraxel (Clear + Brilliant), or if you can afford the one-week downtime, we recommend a fractionated C02 laser.  To be effective, PRP should really be injected intradermally after one of these treatments.

The Truth about the Vampire Facial

We are always available for a Vampire Facial, and we love the results, we just want to educate on realistic expectations.

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