Three mantras that will reduce anxiety instantly.

I think we can all agree that 2020 has had a few challenges. Although the pandemic has brought humanity closer, never before have we collectively experienced such loss and uncertainty in every area of our lives.

We are constantly bombarding ourselves with questions: Is my job safe? When are the kids going back to school? Can I afford my home?  This negative loop has created for many a surge in anxiety.

By the time a Canadian reaches the age of 40, one in two will experience a mental health issue  (in the past or present). Anxiety is the most commonly experienced “mental illness” in North America. In a 2016 study, 40% of the respondents said they experienced anxiety but never sought treatment.

Here’s the good news—because anxiety is so prevalent, there is a plethora of research and solutions available. At the clinic, it’s very important for Dr. Anna’s patients to feel welcome,  safe, calm and comfortable.  If you are concerned about your mental health, she may be able to provide you with resources or direct you to a specialist, and she is always here to talk and listen. Call 250 590 0883 for information.

So let’s start!  Here are three mantras to help reduce anxiety instantly.

As I silence my thoughts, I’m listening to my heart.

Self-talk is that constant internal monologue that runs in our minds. For those experiencing anxiety, thoughts can feel like an unbearable loop. We place such an emphasis on our thoughts but rarely they mean anything. By repeating this mantra, allow your thoughts to come and go and sit with your heart because you are enough.

Three mantras that will reduce anxiety instantly

Let it go

This mantra becomes easier and more believable every time you say it. Sometimes you have to surrender to a situation and that’s not losing—it’s simply giving up the fight (there’s a big difference). Sometimes you win once you surrender. Life is short, your time is limited, and as The Beatles said: Let it go.

woman with hands in air feeling free

I’m a work-in-progress

There is an overwhelming importance placed on women being able to do everything, all the time, for everyone (ideally in full makeup and  heels). When you’re feeling anxious, self-acceptance is key. The pandemic has thrown everybody for a loop—take a moment to consider what this experience means,  how you’ve changed and what it has and  will teach you.

woman sitting in meadow feeling care free

If you are concerned about your mental health?

Dr. Anna may be able to provide you with resources or direct you to a specialist, and she is always here to talk and listen. Contact her to chat.

To schedule a complimentary consultation or to book a treatment:

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