Three ways to scare away zombie hands for good!

Let me tell you a scary story. It’s about a woman who spent a lot of time on her diet and appearance.

She was in her sixties but could easily pass as fifty… except for one part of her body—her zombie hands!. Zombie hands are veiny ghoulish talons that make women look far older than their age. Perhaps the scariest part of this story is that with a little help and self-care, this lady did not have to have zombie hands at all.

So here’s how.

The skin on the back of our hands is very thin and holds little fat and as we age, our collagen and elastin fibers begin to break down. Without intervention, the vast majority of women will develop age signs on their hands in the form of spots, uneven skin tone, paper-thin texture, and ‘railroads’ (enlarged and prominent blue veins). Although aging hands are totally natural, there are ways to reduce their frightening effect.

Here’s our top three:



Do a product exorcism

Chemically-laden detergents, drug store moisturizers, and oil-stripping soaps will affect how your hands look now, and in the years to come. Only keep chemical products in your home that are non-toxic and backed by scientific study. Replace toxic products with clean, biodegradable products like Dr. Anna’s face wash, anti-aging cream, and scrub. If you need a guide, Dr. Anna recommends the book, Beyond Soap by Dr. Sandy Skotnicki.


Be like a vampire in the sun

Have you ever noticed that vampires on TV always have really good skin? That’s because they shun the sun! Frequent and prolonged sun exposure as a child and adult can bring out age spots on the hands later in life. Eek! The solution? Apply Dr. Anna’s sunscreen on the tops of your hands and fingers several times a day. Dr. Anna’s sunscreen comes in a very convenient tube, designed for women-on-the-go to keep in their car, desk, and purse.


Try bewitching hand rejuvenation

There are a myriad of cosmetic procedures that treat aged hands. Dr. Anna offers lasers, Platelet-Rich Plasma (also known as the ‘Vampire’ treatment), and dermal fillers. Fillers, like Radiesse,  are an especially popular hand treatment as they add volume and smooth out lines like they do when injected into the face. Likewise, PRP and lasers stimulate the skin’s own collagen production.

Book today, and scare those ghoulish hands away!

Every patient may request a complimentary paraffin wax hand with their treatment which is a deep moisturizer that forms a protective barrier, leaving hands soft and smooth.

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