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The Top 12 Questions Clients Ask Dr Anna

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Here are the top 12 questions clients ask Dr Anna.

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01. Is there any quick and easy fix for melasma?

Sunscreen – sunscreen, and more sunscreen!  Melasma also gets better with age due to perimenopause.  Best to use product elimination and a very gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil, Dr. Anna’s cleansers, or a melanin blocking cream such as arbutin, hydroquinone, kojic acid, liquorice root and niacinamide.


02. Do you do complimentary consultations?

Due to COVID all new clients are required to first book a complimentary virtual facetime consultations over either Facetime or Zoom.

woman washing her hair with tons of foam and toxins

03. Is a laser safe in pregnancy?

Yes, it is. But if you have concerns, please contact me to discuss.


04. Why do you not offer discounts?

I am a medical doctor and the College of Physicians and Surgeons BC have practice standards in which I want to stay in professional standing with the college (as does Dr. Yoneda).  Under advertising and communicating with the public, it says clinics shall not offer prizes, gifts, gift cards, bonus points, discounts, or limited-time offers for medical services.

woman looking at her scalp for damage

05. When should we be wearing masks?

Anytime it is not possible to social distance of 6 feet, it would be better to wear a mask.  Masks do not necessarily keep you fully safe from COVID but it does help to decrease viral load if there are droplets that are transferred through spit or sneezing etc.


06. What is the best way to protect my skin and keep it looking youthful?

Avoid sunburns, and try our Clear and Brilliant Laser which promotes collagen growth and removes pigment.

07. What the simplest skincare routine?

Wash your makeup before you go to bed at night.  If your moisturizers contains more than ten ingredients, chuck it.  Make sure none of your products contain any of Dr. Suzuki’s toxic “dirty dozen”.  If you have issues with your skin, consider reading “Beyond Soap” by Dr. Sandy Skotnicki and try her product elimination diet.


08. Is COVID-19 going to be here for a long time?

We can count on it being around for at least two years.  It is important to remember to wash your hands frequently, wear a mask when you can’t socially distance, and stay home when you’re sick.

09. What age is a good age to start doing Botox?

20 year olds have been influenced by the Kardashians and a new standard of beauty. Complete facial enhancement and expressionless skin is what our youth are exposed to.  Some providers talk about preventative Botox/Dysport in that by denervating the facial muscles it minimizes your dynamic muscle movements which in turn will minimize the facial lines.  If you’re not prepared to spend about $1000 a year on Botox/Dysport for the rest of your life, don’t go down this slippery slope; rather learn more about overall skin health, healthy lifestyle and educate yourself on interpreting the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients.  Fun fact: cosmetics fall under the Cosmetic Act and is not regulated by Health Canada.


10. Can you write me a prescription?

Yes, I can. We will need to have a consultation in order to do so.

The Truth About Dysport, Botox, Xeomin & Jeuveau

11. Should I do Botox or Smooth PDO threads?

PDO threads have an advantage over Botox/Dysport if you’re pregnant or nursing.  They last about the same period of time.  Cost is very similar. They work differently.  The Botox/Dysport atrophies the muscle underneath, whereas the threads stimulate collagen and smooths out skin that way.


12. Do you treat rosacea?

Yes, we do this treatment here at the office.

Close up photo of woman with rosacea on her cheeks

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