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Are you sitting down? Most skincare products on the market are toxic.

Yes, your lipstick, face wash, and even that designer-label moisturizer could be doing you more harm than good. Sure, they may be labelled ‘natural’, ‘organic’, or even ‘Dermatologist Recommended’ but these words carry very little weight in the medical world. As one dermatologist, Shaui Xu, noted, “What does it mean for a product to be labelled ‘natural’? That doesn’t make it safe. Poison ivy is perfectly natural.”

Bad chemicals are so prevalent in the cosmetic industry that Health Canada and Environment Canada are currently reassessing approximately 4,000 substances, some of which are already in store-bought products. It’s imperative that the public educates itself on how to read labels to avoid serious health issues because regulation of cosmetics was non existent in the past.

For over 20 years as an Anesthesiologist, Dr. Anna washed her hands with a 70% isopropyl alcohol and barrier moisturizing creams provided by the hospital. She discovered these products were packed with harmful agents including BHT, phenoxyethanol and parabens that cause skin irritation, immunogenicity and are potentially carcinogenic.

So, Dr. Anna set about developing non-toxic alternatives—products that heal and renew skin.

Through her research, Dr. Anna found that some of the most common, everyday products were extremely harmful, especially sunscreen. Studies show that chemical-based sunscreens absorb the sun’s rays that cause a chemical reaction which releases potentially carcinogenic properties. For more information, read our blog on ‘How to Choose the Right Sunscreen’.

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Dr. Anna is so passionate about ridding the industry of harmful chemicals that she wants to dispose of yours! Bring in your everyday products for an assessment and receive a free sunscreen from Dr. Anna’s non-toxic, medical grade skin care line.

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Dr. Anna prides herself on educating her costumers about the health risks connected to the use of chemical-based cosmetic products. She advises clients on understanding product ingredients to protect their health.

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