Hair loss, headaches, scalp issues (psoriasis), and pain can be alleviated with Dr. Anna’s Red Light Therapy

After a period of research and testing, Dr. Anna now offers Red Light Therapy [RLT]. RLT  is a scalp-focused treatment that uses low-level (650 nm) wavelengths of light to stimulate blood flow, increase cell metabolism, and promote healing. Also known as Low-level Light Therapy, studies show that RLT can  help with a range of ailments including hair loss, skin conditions, chronic pain, and possibly even depression.

Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural process; most people lose around 100 hairs a day. However, this process can be accelerated due to poor diet, stress, age, hormonal changes, and medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. Hair can fall out in clumps and cause further distress—which leads to more hair loss. It’s a vicious cycle. Alopecia—also known as ‘spot baldness’—is a common disorder affecting more than half of the population worldwide RLT treats hair loss using low-level wavelengths of light to stimulate blood flow, improve oxygen delivery and increase metabolism, necessary for growth. 

RLT stimulates chromophores in  mitochondria (the powerhouse of cells) as they absorb the photon energy. This energy results in  increased cell metabolism, more ATP production and more oxygen utilization. Collagen and elastin are produced and blood flow is stimulated, resulting in cellular regeneration. In 2014, a study concluded that this procedure is safe, tolerable, and less invasive than hair transplants. In a 2013 double-blind randomized test, a study of 41 males found that this treatment grew their hair by almost 40% over four months.

RLT can help with skin issues, alleviate pain, help with low mood and so much more…

As RLT is a relatively new treatment, new benefits are still being discovered. Medical literature  reveals that it may help with alleviating headaches, scalp psoriasis, depression, chronic pain and many more issues.

The Treatment

Patients sit under the device (similar to an old-fashioned perm setter) for 20-minute sessions. Dr. Anna offers packages to ensure patients can afford and receive optimum results. Dr. Anna recommends six sessions to achieve optimum results and offers packages so that patients can afford optimum results. These can be three per week (every second day) over the course of two weeks. A follow up appointment will be required to monitor progress, and decide on whether further treatments are needed.

The Dr. Anna difference

Rather than just fixing the problem, Dr. Anna always wants to find a long-term solution. During your consultation, Dr. Anna will explore the reasons that may be causing your hair loss and provide you with a range of treatment options including Nutrigenomix—a personalized fitness and health report.

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