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What is a non-surgical lunchtime facelift?

PDO Thread Lift, also known as a non-surgical lunchtime facelift, fights facial aging without surgery or scars.

This is a unique, FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that achieves instant skin tightening once the threads are inserted into the deeper layers of the skin (subcutanueous muscular aponeurotic layer), and cellular renewal is created through collagen stimulation.  These sutures are temporary, dissolvable and work to combat aging by provoking the body’s healing response and collagen induction.

What are PDO threads?

These threads are sutures made from a material known as polydioxanone threads and they are a special medical grade thread that is made of protein and sugar.


Where can I have these threads applied?

These threads can be inserted anywhere on the body where lifting is required.  Examples are sagging skin around the cheeks, temples, lower eyelids, crow’s feet, knees, arms, nose, chin and décolleté. 

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How painful and invasive is this procedure?

Thread lifting is a relatively painless procedure where numbing cream and local anesthetic is added at the port of the cannula.  Patients have minimal pain, though there may be a slight pressure sensation during the procedure and tightness for a short time after.


How long does a PDO thread lift last?

This barbed suture lift lasts approximately 12 months but the results are cumulative with repeated procedures.  The suture remains in the dermis for several months and is broken down by the body.  The lifting effect lasts longer, due to the collagen fibres that are formed around the threads, which provide additional tightening for the subcutaneous tissue. 

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What is the difference between barbed threads and smooth threads?

The barbed sutures are used for a more drastic lifting action, as it is placed in the subcutaneous layer of the dermis and attaches onto the skin as they are pulled up, causing the same reaction as if you had a pulled thread in your sweater.  Smooth threads are more-so used for collagen stimulation, and are often put in places of the face such as the corner of their mouth and along their brows.

Thread lifts have been around for over 30 years but the suture material has never been safer.  This procedure has been very popular in Europe and Japan, and has finally found it’s way to North America.  Polydioxanone is fully absorbable, collagen stimulating, and is used in cardiac surgery. 


Below is a before and after photo of our client who had a non-surgical lunchtime facelift

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