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Which cosmetic products are safe?

Go to your vanity and pull out a drawer. See that expensive sunscreen, shiny body butter, and pretty department store lipgloss? Throw them out. Yep, all of them.

Why? They are probably toxic. Now, take out all of the products in your shower. Even the ones that are labeled ‘organic’, ‘fresh’, and ‘dermatologically-tested’. Put them in the trash. Now. It’s very likely they’re hazardous for you, too.

It’s no secret that Canada has untimely and unenforced cosmetic regulations, and as a result, hazardous chemicals are still prominent in popular cosmetic products. To demonstrate how far behind Canada is, PDO threads have been approved by the FDA and in Australia, which, according to some studies, are just as safe or even safer than dermal fillers, while one of Canada’s best-selling sunscreens (that some experts claim causes cancer)—is still dominating pharmacy shelves.

Women have started to catch on (and we always do!) and question the ingredients in their products. So, the cosmetic industry has developed the ‘organic’ skin fad—using pictures of flowers accompanied by whimsical labels like ‘fresh’ to continue selling heavy and dangerous chemicals. And because the regulators haven’t caught up to this latest marketing ruse, marketers continue to target young women.

So, to answer your question…

What cosmetic products are safe? Very few, unfortunately. Even if they are sold to you at a pharmacy or at a beauty counter in a department store. My advice? Go to the source. You should be able to ask the person who made your products exactly what’s in them.

For this very reason, for women of all ages who have been fed misinformation for the sake of revenue, I developed a skincare and cosmetics line that is backed 100% by science and decades of medical research.

But don’t take just my word for it. I suggest you check out ‘Beyond Soap’ by Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, a Toronto-based dermatologist who has dedicated her work to challenging the underregulated Canadian cosmetic industry. The cosmetic industry treats women like fools; you don’t have to shop like one!

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